Equality: Pro and Con

“I am a democrat because I believe in the fall of man. I thing most people are democrats for the opposite reason” – C.S. Lewis, Spectator, 1943.

Lewis is, as always, fresh, clear and arresting in his thinking. Here he argues why he favors equality. More interesting is when and how. And why forgetting when, how and why ultimately leads to a compelling drive away from equality.


This is not far removed from Larry Arnn’s rendering of James Madison: “It is written in the fact that we require to be governed because we are not angels. But government must be limited because angels do not govern men.”



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Seth Rich Bookmark

Diana West chronicles the Seth Rich timeline.

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Late Obama Mischief

Trump juggles the foreign policy balls Obama dropped
– a list of foreign policy landmines left for Trump

Obama’s Chaos Strategy: The Case of the IRS IED
Nixon saw articles of impeachment for asking the IRS to interfere with his rivals. Obama succeeded.
-a summary of the curious coincidences of the Lois Lerner and the IRS scandal

Obama and spying on rival politicians

For months we heard the press regale us with details gleaned from wiretaps of Trump team’s conversations with foreign leaders. Then Trump claimed he had been wiretapped and that same press told us how such a thing was preposterous.  Andrew McCarthy  lists some of the people Obama has spied upon.
repeating the argument:
and foreign spying that went on before the election:

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Why The Bomb

In 2000,the US military again produced purple hearts. Until then there was no need. Enough were produced in anticipation of the land invasion of Japan to last half a century.




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Gramsci, cultural Marxism, volk-Marxism, postmodern-leftism, critical theory, Frankfurt School, even political correctness. It all seems to be the same thing. It has roots in a surprisingly open plan to make the western world an uglier, less pleasant, less workable place.

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Adios America

Ann Coulter wrote the book that fed Donald Trumps original rise to political prominence. She claimed that this is what the American people are yearning for that the politicians won’t give them.She appears to have been right.

Here’s the part of the argument that I find most telling:

Somebody’s noticing the immigrant crime wave: Google illegal alien crime and you’ll get more than 2 million hits. Google immigrant crime and you’ll get 40 million. Only our government and media refuse to notice. Then they turn around and denounce anyone else’s estimate, saying: You don’t know that. So tell us! We “don’t know that” only because the people in a position to know have decided to keep it secret.



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Two Ways to Convert: Persuasion and Stigmitization


If old truths are to retain their hold on men’s minds, they must be restated in the language and concepts of successive generations. What at one time are their most effective expressions gradually become so worn with use that they cease to carry a definite meaning. The underlying ideas may be as valid as ever, but the words, even when they refer to problems that are still with us, no longer convey the same conviction; the arguments do not move in a context familiar to us; and they rarely give us direct answers to the questions we are asking.  – Friedrich Hayek

Conservatives and classical liberals are not famously good at telling their ideas. It seems that postmodern liberals aren’t doing it very well these days, either.

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