Misandry Bubble

Linked to it here. Now excerpted down to 5 pages.

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Just Game or Going Too Far?

twhhak_bos1Do you ever get the feeling the feminists have got it wrong? It’s not just the disdain for men. That part is no surprise. No, the movement has a lousy understanding of what makes women happy. This isn’t about choosing sides in a battle. It is about utter cluelessness of human nature.

Their influence affects all of modernity. In response, you can immerse yourself in classics, try to overlook, rage or engage the nonsense; or (lately) look for wisdom in the manosphere (or “red pill”). The manosphere, alas, is a rough place, with many diverse nooks: including men bitter at women, men who’ve lost interest, whose interest is purely physical, nihilistic types as well as nurturing and caring types, many atheist, some anti-christian and some christian. A large swath of the men want to use their people skills to bed as many women as they can manage. Some say only fools offer any more commitment to a modern women. A fairly small group wants a society of happy marriages and figures the red pill can restore it.

Dalrock especially fully understands the concepts while being openly christian and, though appalled with contemporary church, unambiguously biblical. Meek servitude from their man frustrates women and kills their feelings of romance. Focus on the Family’s mystery of unhappy wives is the end game of fitness tests. The principles of Christian marriage are contrasted to modern church leaders. Headship is like game. Who’d have thought that pastors’ marital counsel would be upstaged by pickup artists?

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Purpose of Punishment

Punishment in criminal justice serves five purposes:

(1) Retribution;
(2) Specific deterrence or incapacitation (i.e., deterring the wrongdoer);
(3) General deterrence (i.e., deterring third-parties);
(4) Rehabilitation; and,
(5) Restitution.

That first one sometimes goes by the name “justice”.

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Well That Puts Things in Perspective

What was the driving force behind missionaries and imperialism, anyway?
Looking forward to the pushback on this one.

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Fundamentals in the defense against SJW’s

Social Justice Warriors leave a wake of misery. They like it said that “they mean well”, but they don’t. Vox Day has three core truths to dismantle their destructive worldview.

1. Government is force.
2. Politics divides people.
3. System is domination.

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Finally! Facts.

FoundItIn case you had been wondering what the facts are to support those fevered accusations against Harper: running from debates, dictator, “active promotion of ignorance”, here they are.

Plus a couple of scraps of detail on Duffy.

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Persuasion and the Value Proposition

Dilbert author, Scott Adams says Trump is a clown genius.
(sept’15) Adams has been talking about Trump a lot. Gillespie is now analyzing him in terms of game.

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