I’d Hate to Say I Told You So

…but it’s not true: I love to say “I told you so.” It’s just that I do sincerely wish I had been wrong and Kaliner had been right.

havelI find myself at odds now with a lot of proponents of same sex marriage who appear to be walking the charred battlefield of the cultural war and shooting the wounded.

I apologize for thinking this was about only equal treatment under the law. I apologize for dismissing conservatives’ fears that this slippery slope would lead to de facto banishment from various sectors of the public square.

I thought people just wanted to be left alone. I was wrong.

My real motivation for posting this is so I have a link to Vaclav Havel’s essay.

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A lesson in Ferguson

If you ask me about Ferguson, Missouri, I am tempted to say there is nothing to be learned but cynicism. Newsmen detected a delicate situation so they published lies, amplified the agitators, condemned the voices of moderation and condoned the violence. Their stories meet Canada’s definition of a hate crime but there will be no apology or acknowledgement, let alone punishment.

Finding a nugget of gold in a garbage pit was beyond me, but not beyond the Washington Examiner. Here is a good overview of the truth and a positive lesson. Good for them.

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Hope for Islam

Ataba market, Islamic Quarter, Cairo, EgyptIt has been said that the world seems headed for a conflict between Islam and the rest of civilization. There may be a solution in the form of a massive western victory but it would be ugly and bloody. Victory by Islamic fascism would be uglier. Pacifist compliance by the west is not an available option.

Pacifist cooperation by the Islamic world, however, is an option. If Islam ceases to be aggressive, it can live in peace and self-sufficiency. This “speech” put in the mouth of Barack Obama is the most hopeful vision of Islamic reform I can recall.

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Fighting Outrage


Any notable languages missing?

Apparently “Je suis Charlie” can be translated as “I am a free man”. How does that work, I wonder? “Je suis gar libre?”
Update: My local French language and culture expert says, not true.

In any case, Barbara Amiel makes the case that Islamic fascists will never kill free speech in Canada, never get the chance, that is. Continue reading

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Argo: Misleads Twice, Not Unrelated

I just watched Argo, the American movie about the 1979 Iranian revolution. I remember being told that it gave credit to an American for what was really a Canadian rescue. then I heard that they gave Canadians some credit in the end. That all sounds reasonable: Hollywood makes a movie, takes some liberties with the facts and then gives a nod to the truth at the end, giving a motivated viewer a lead to find the rest of the story.

No. The error is more insidious and has an evil twin. Continue reading

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Bullies and Bullied

McCarthyIt approaches universal truth: If society is aghast at the treatment of an oppressed minority, it is not an oppressed minority. If it were really oppressed, society would ignore the plight, or possibly point and laugh.

Today’s example: McCarthyism
Senator McCarthy was a sober, proud, inclusive patriot telling a crucially important truth that was hidden from polite company. He was denounced as a narrow-minded, demagogic  liar who enjoyed witch hunts.
Communists in America, especially in Hollywood, were not an oppressed minority but a vocal and aggressive (though covert) enemy.
McCarthy was an oppressed minority: a plight most of us ignore, or possibly jeer.

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Manosphere Readings

L051247The New Dating Game; Charlotte Allen in The Weekly Standard gives a thoughtful overview of the manosphere perspective on the feminist wreckage on relationships.

The Futurist at singularity2050.com has a longish essay on feminism’s effect on society (archived) and demographics. If the future goes according to the feminist architects’ plans the end state will not. They will be on the business end of the adage, “No finite being can accurately predict its next state”. Unfortunately, my schadenfreude is impaired by that fact that this process will cost me my own civilization. It is, at times, brilliant.

… ‘feminists’ devalued the traditional areas of female expertise (raising the next generation of citizens), while attaching value only to areas of male expertise (the boardroom, the military, sexual promiscuity) … women are more unhappy than ever  …

Continue reading

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