Reaching Out

                     KenneyKenney Cartoon

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. If American conservatives believe (1), in their principles and (2) that there is a demographic problem looming, they need to study Canadian MP, Jason Kenney. He is young (at 41 all parties voted him best overall MP), and yet a powerful force in conservative government.

He was minister of multiculturalism (yes, we have one) and is now also the minister of immigration. At long last, we have one to be proud of (note his opinion on language, pg3). Notice the interviewer’s attitude: does that sound like a friendly interview to you. Notice Kenney’s positive attitude and firm position.

Finally, the best article that fans of Small Dead Animals will already have seen.

The upshot of these articles is that conservatism is a majority philosophy in many minority communities even if they don’t vote that way. But the voters are never going to improve if you can’t get your message out. You’ll never get your message out without a presence.

It is best if the messengers are not presidential candidates. They are too high profile and too short lived. The best person will be a stable presence for a decade. He won’t make headlines until his character is unassailable by the communities. Find some senators and congressmen (and radio hosts) in safe seats to lead the charge.

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