Rich Vote Left

ImageIn the 90’s I noticed that the largest donations went to Canada’s Liberals. That got me thinking. After all, I’ve always been told that the Conservatives are the party of the rich. And yet, Trudeau, the leftist reformer, was a rich kid from the moneyed districts of Montreal; Mulroney, the Conservative, was a manager’s kid from the heavy industry of rural Quebec.

Looking around the evidence accumulates. The expensive districts of the big cities are Liberal strongholds. In the leafy neighborhoods surrounding universities, the threat comes from the (openly socialist) NDP. Canada’s newspaper to the wealthy, the Globe and Mail, consistently approves of the Liberals and disdains conservatives. The (openly free-enterprise) Reform party grew out of old people in modest attire meeting in church basements. Most tellingly, Chretien’s cap on political donations hurt the NDP and crippled the Liberals but hardly fazed the Conservatives.

All this (except the donations) is anecdotal rather than systematic. For all the talk about the “party of the rich” and the “party of the little guy”, you’d think people would do the studies to get a clear picture of the answer. Unless, of course, they don’t want the answer.

Related US data:

Wealthiest counties vote Obama (link redirected), free market reaction

mechanism explained and illustrated

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