Fascism, Fascism, Left, Right and Center

LibFascJonah Goldberg responds to the latest attempt to resurrect the notion that fascists are right-wing. Back in 2007, Goldberg made the claim that fascism is a product of the political LEFT. He made his case too well for me to refute, but then what do I know about history? More impressive is that, by my reckoning, nobody else has been able to refute it either.

How much does it matter? It is hard to say. I’d bet that the vast majority of history teachers in high-school and college still teach the old ideas without discussion or controversy. I’d also bet that the Jr. high and elementary teachers that reach the majority of the population will be even slower to adopt the best evidence.

(Dec’17) A couple of other parallels between the far left and the people they like to call far right.

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