Islamofascist War Returns

There was a time (2010-2012) when war against Islamic Fascism might have been contained and vanquished with little more effort than was required to contain Germany since 1950. The rise of ISIS means that opportunity has passed. The war will necessarily more costly.

Charlie_Hebdo_Mohammed_overwhelmed.0Angelo Codevilla lays out his vision of the way forward.

Mitt Romney, the prescient, lays it out at the Washington Post.

(Jan’15) Sultan Knish on Moderate Islam (Does he mean it does not exist or has no influence?)  —  moderate muslim found!

Milo Yiannopoulos brings some sense and perspective to the clickbait shock-meme: “Islam: religion of peace or euphemism for terrorism.”

In light of the Charlie Hebdo terrorism, drawings of Mohommed.

(Feb’15) A longer view of the pre-islamofascist, Islamic wars: Jihad and Crusades.

(Apr’16) Islamic leaders’ plan for military success.

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