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L051247The New Dating Game; Charlotte Allen in The Weekly Standard gives a thoughtful overview of the manosphere perspective on the feminist wreckage on relationships.

The Futurist at has a longish essay on feminism’s effect on society (archived) and demographics. If the future goes according to the feminist architects’ plans the end state will not. They will be on the business end of the adage, “No finite being can accurately predict its next state”. Unfortunately, my schadenfreude is impaired by that fact that this process will cost me my own civilization. It is, at times, brilliant.

… ‘feminists’ devalued the traditional areas of female expertise (raising the next generation of citizens), while attaching value only to areas of male expertise (the boardroom, the military, sexual promiscuity) … women are more unhappy than ever  …

any legitimate and polite questions about the fairness of anti-male realities in the legal system and media are quickly met with Pavlovian retorts of ‘misogynist’ and ‘loser’….

Contrary to … most men instinctively treat women with chivalry and enshrine them on exalted pedestals.  … misandric projection.

On the second charge of being a ‘loser who cannot get laid’ … men who have had little experience with women are the ones placing women on pedestals, …  Having sex with a large number of women does not increase respect for women…

The greatest real misogyny, of course, has been unwittingly done by the ‘feminists’ themselves.  By encouraging false rape claims, they devalue the credibility of all claims, and genuine victims will suffer.  By incentivizing the dehumanization of their ex-husbands and the use of children as pawns, they set bad examples for children, and cause children to resent their mothers when they mature.  By making baseless accusations of ‘misogyny’ without sufficient cause, they cause resentment among formerly friendly men where there previously was none.  By trying to excuse cuckolding and female domestic violence, they invite formerly docile men to lash out in desperation.

One glaring example of misandry backfiring is in the destruction of marriage and corresponding push of the ‘Sex in the City/cougar’ fantasy.  …  ‘Feminism’ sold them a moral code entirely unsuited to their physical and mental realities, causing great sadness to these women.

More Background:

Four Basic Truths of boy-girl relationships
The Keynesian Sexual Marketplace
Possibly the best backgrounder from Dr. Helen: Men on Strike
Yiannopoulos calls it the Sexodus.
His colleague celebrates the patriarchy.
Paglia, in her usual epic way, points to the fragility of civilization and the constant nearness of savage nature
I am a little fuzzy on what ‘red pill’ refers to but I think it is one of these.
The choice: independent or protected, or heck! demand the privileges of both.
More on that male privilege.
On the lighter side.
Feminism: enhancing the existing privilege of upper middle-class white women
Sometimes it seems like this whole feminism thing was just a plot dreamed up by pick-up artist frat boys.
If that all seems dark, here is some frank dating discussion from Ricochet, the home of civil conversation on the internet.
This guy is not optimistic, but not giving up either.
(Mar’17) Marriages with unequal earnings.

Tangentially Related
Venker is not a Feminist

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