The Death of Intellectual Life

I remember in university asking questions like, why are feminists so angry at the US and Canada? Surely there are higher priorities. Gender roles do not seem to have been the priority of Shakespeare or Kipling or Chesterton (or Jesus for that matter). Why do they spend so much time reading them this way? Why so uninterested in the plight of women in the USSR, or China, let alone Iran?

A broader question, why was academia so uninterested in anything useful? Did history, literature and philosophy have nothing worthwhile to offer? I already had some inkling that philosophers had had interesting thoughts. It’s just a shame they spent so much time on the useless stuff.

The historical record shows this was not just some weird coincidence. There was a conscious choice. They called it critical theory. Others call it cultural Marxism. It was a boon to middling academics who needed a novel thesis , wanted to be part of the movement and lacked the traditional intellectual drive of the liberal arts (which was the pursuit of the good.)

A Big Conspiracy? No a small conspiracy, a big group of unreflective followers and a massive, shrinking group of unwillful unawares.

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