Democrats (and Democrats in the media) are running with the headline, “The Russians Hacked the Election”. What they mean is, “The Russians Hacked E-mail Accounts of Two Democrats”, which may be true*. They are hoping you will hear “The Russians Tampered with American Election Results”, which is not true**. Failing that, at least you’ll hear, “The Russians Wanted Trump to Win”, which is pure speculation, and unlikely***.

An overview
8 Facts
Worthwhile Takeaways

Before the election, Republicans were screaming that Hillary’s home-based e-mail server was a scandal, and that the whole administration’s information security was poor. Democrats found it unworthy to report on. Republicans claimed she had exposed the US to electronic spying, made secrets insecure and exposed personnel to blackmail. Democrats thought that was far-fetched paranoia. It seems a reasonable middle ground to say that confidentiality laws should be observed and enforced, we should act as though unfriendly powers will try to do bad things and absent any better evidence, this election suffered no more malfeasance than most.

* WikiLeaks, the conduit for the e-mails, claims it is not. The e-mails were not hacked but leaked by someone within the Democrat organization. It was probably a Bernie supporter, disgruntled by his treatment.

** Though it is an excellent argument for paper ballots, voter ID and accurate voter rolls.

*** If Hillary were president and the e-mails had not been released, the Russians would have some excellent blackmail material. They may still have information we haven’t seen. Vulnerabilities aside, Hillary did not show particular negotiation skill in Syria, Libya or the Ukraine. The opposing candidate, though untested, does have a reputation as a tough negotiator.
(Apr’17) Russia can’t be very happy with the way the opposing candidate’s actions turned out on fracking, coal, invigoration of NATO or his diplomatic stance on Syria.

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