The Story of Kwanzaa

The history of Kwanzaa: a tradition almost as old as the Charlie Brown Christmas Special with a following almost as authentic the trees he didn’t buy.

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The Sage: Romantic and Realist

Gandhi_quote-winMohandas Gandhi was the saint of India, renown the world over, especially in England. He is hailed as the father of India, guiding her to independence* through his strategy of “ahimsa” or nonviolence. In so doing, any number of people, Indian and western have hailed him as a holy man, a “great soul”, a mahatma. Richard Grenier on the other hand, takes a fuller, more nuanced view. Penn and Teller take a less nuanced view.

*though not necessarily guiding her faster or more peacefully.

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VDH is Bemused by Mueller

Victor-Davis-HansonAfter investigating Donald Trump and his team for over a year , seven months under a special prosecutor (May 17, 2017), there has been one charge of  illegal behavior (lying to the FBI about a legal activity.) Listening to the wall-to-wall media coverage of each strategic leak, you could be forgiven for thinking there was more.

Meanwhile, illegal behavior by the special prosecutor office occurs weekly.  Most  of the lawbreaking is the leaks themselves. Every one means that someone has broken the law. Most people, myself included, when they realize they are witnessing the law being broken immediately switch to “common sense” thinking. We contextualize; we relativise. “OK, that is illegal, but it’s a small law, and understandable mistake that the people (all  high-priced lawyers working in their field of expertise) might not even have known was illegal.

Behold Victor Davis Hanson with  a list of not-so-minor infractions and their accompanying, ever more humorous rationalizations

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Equality: Pro and Con

“I am a democrat because I believe in the fall of man. I thing most people are democrats for the opposite reason” – C.S. Lewis, Spectator, 1943.

Lewis is, as always, fresh, clear and arresting in his thinking. Here he argues why he favors equality. More interesting is when and how. And why forgetting when, how and why ultimately leads to a compelling drive away from equality.


This is not far removed from Larry Arnn’s rendering of James Madison: “It is written in the fact that we require to be governed because we are not angels. But government must be limited because angels do not govern men.”



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Seth Rich Bookmark

Diana West chronicles the Seth Rich timeline.

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Late Obama Mischief

Trump juggles the foreign policy balls Obama dropped
– a list of foreign policy landmines left for Trump

Obama’s Chaos Strategy: The Case of the IRS IED
Nixon saw articles of impeachment for asking the IRS to interfere with his rivals. Obama succeeded.
-a summary of the curious coincidences of the Lois Lerner and the IRS scandal

Obama and spying on rival politicians

For months we heard the press regale us with details gleaned from wiretaps of Trump team’s conversations with foreign leaders. Then Trump claimed he had been wiretapped and that same press told us how such a thing was preposterous.  Andrew McCarthy  lists some of the people Obama has spied upon.
repeating the argument:
and foreign spying that went on before the election:

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Why The Bomb

In 2000,the US military again produced purple hearts. Until then there was no need. Enough were produced in anticipation of the land invasion of Japan to last half a century.




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