Free to Be…What My Teacher Tells Me

ImaBoy4They said to the parents of my generation that there was no difference between boys and girls. Every child should have the world presented to him or her according to his or her own preferences. But that is a difficult task, to identify each child’s personal wants and needs and then satisfy them.

In reality, gender-neutral has meant “treating boys and girls the same”: a single approach to child-rearing. That single approach has usually been chosen by mom or the elementary teacher. It hasn’t been friendly to boys.

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Fascism, Fascism, Left, Right and Center

LibFascJonah Goldberg responds to the latest attempt to resurrect the notion that fascists are right-wing. Back in 2007, Goldberg made the claim that fascism is a product of the political LEFT. He made his case too well for me to refute, but then what do I know about history? More impressive is that, by my reckoning, his claim still stands unrefuted.

How much does it matter? It is hard to say. I’d bet that the vast majority of history teachers in high-school and college still teach the old ideas without discussion or controversy. I’d also bet that the Jr. high and elementary teachers that reach the majority of the population will be even slower to adopt the best evidence.

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Killing Hitler

red-dwarf-meltdown-hitlerDean Burnett plays with the idea that improving the past is complex business with lots of thing that might go a-gley.

Me, I’d go with his point that Hitler lost and serves a powerful and stark reminder against Hitlerism. The people I’d most like to eliminate are those who contributed to evil but are not universally acknowledged as such. (Who would that be? Marx? Engels? Rousseau?)

Burnett says “kill”. I say “eliminate”. How about bribing that admissions agent to let Hitler into art school? Keep him so busy and happy doing paintings and cartoons and art co-eds that he has no time or interest to write fulminate on his “struggle“. How about hiring Engels to translate The Theory of Moral Sentiments?

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On the Passing of an Influential Folk Singer

Pete Seeger RIP. His talent and influence were in a league with Leni Riefenstahl.

SeegerRIPIt is said that he felt some regret in later life.

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Overdone: Director’s Cuts

Needed: The Hobbit (The Studio Cut)hobbit-dwarves

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Biggest Canadian Story of 2013?

A $36 Billion investment of foreign capital into BC. Since I hadn’t heard of the company, Petronas, I guess that qualifies as most under-reported story. Levant makes the claim it is the biggest.PetronasPrRupert

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Sarah Palin’s Resume

Talk of Sarah Palin abounds still and always arouses passions. Unfortunately, it rarely arouses facts.

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