The Worldview that Makes the Underclass

child-poverty-7Do you want to help the poor? …for the poor to be helped? …for the deprivations of poverty to end?

If you want the deprivations of poverty to end, Theodore Dalrymple has the necessary insight. Unfortunately, few people really want the last formulation unless they can be part of the first or second.

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No Boy Left Behind

Updated: By now, many people know that our schools aren’t serving boys very well. Jonathan Taylor has posted a handy infographic, based on Tom Mortenson’s evocative formulation, “For every 100 girls that are conceived 115 boys are conceived etc.”

Originally, this was a temporary post to help a site that had been Instalanched.

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Belated Father’s Day Thoughts

MavericksI just watched a movie where the parents are not all clueless, the fathers are not all disinterested (or jerks) the bad guys are merely enervated…and the Hollywood cliches you think you see coming, aren’t. Naturally, the professional reviewers panned it.

It had no fight scenes or explosions, mockery or humiliation and it still held my son’s (and wife’s) attention and left us glad for having watched it. It’s available on Canadian Netflix.

Related: just how realistic is that stuff about fathers not being clueless, anyway?

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The Plague

plagues-of-verminUnemployment, offshoring, stagnation,  debt, criminal prosecutors, stifling regulation, cronyism, inequality, global warming, Hollywood, rape culture, star chambers, IRS, Benghazi. What is the biggest threat to our future freedom, prosperity and happiness? I wonder if it isn’t this.

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Taking a Deep Breath on Inequality

DurantDiscussions of inequality are so full of charlatans that it is tempting to dismiss the whole movement. Rachael Lu says no.

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Celebrating the History of Wicca

stonehenge-ritualYou may have heard of Wicca: an ancient European religion of peace, predating Christianity by 3,000 years, honoring women as priestesses in harmony with the goddess of nature and her many faces. A misunderstood spiritualism whose devout and sincere followers have a long history of persecution.

Actually it was invented in the ’50s by a man who liked the idea of nude women running around the forest, although some of the ideas date as far back as the Victorian era.

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Making the Depression “Great”

depressionWhat Made a recession become the Great Depression?

Trying to fix it while ensuring that the crony capitalists get their share.

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